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Naah Allotey Talks About the Importance of Keeping a Pulse on Your Blood Pressure

From the time she was young, Naah Allotey was always passionate about one thing above all others: healthcare.

She's currently working as a nurse practitioner at Harlem Hospital in New York City - the largest facility of its type in the area. Prior to that, she worked with a plethora of other highly-regarded medical organizations, including but not limited to Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Ghana, West Africa and the esteemed Merwick Rehab Center.

Throughout her career she's done it all - from wound care to research to women's health and everything in between. During this period, one topic has come up time and again that she is eager to shed some light on: blood pressure, and why it's always critical to keep an eye on yours whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Why Blood Pressure Matters

At its core, a person's blood pressure is exactly what it sounds like - a measurement of the force of the blood that is circulating along the walls of the arteries in their body. It is taken using two distinct measurements that, when taken together, paint a clear picture of what is actually going on.

The first is systolic, which is measured when the heart beats. This is important, because this is the time when blood pressure is at its highest. The second is diastolic, which is measured in between those beats, which is typically when blood pressure is at its lowest. 120/80 (read as "120 over 80") is considered to be an average blood pressure.

For Naah Allotey, perhaps the biggest reason why people should be keeping a pulse on their blood pressure has to do not with the numbers themselves, but with what those numbers can tell us. Tracking blood pressure helps indicate what a person's risk will be for heart disease and even stroke, for example.

If a situation like high blood pressure is allowed to go totally undetected for long periods of time, it could significantly increase a patient's risk of a heart attack as well. Consistent high blood pressure can easily damage arteries, causing them to become blocked. This prevents the appropriate amount of blood from getting to the heart at all. The same is true of the arteries and vessels that get blood to the brain. If they become blocked to a significant degree, a patient's risk of a stroke dramatically increases.

Low blood pressure is dangerous as well, but for different reasons. If your blood pressure were to suddenly drop, it could cause dizziness. In certain extreme situations, it could even cause fainting. Big drops can also be life-threatening depending on their initial cause.

Low blood pressure in particular is important to watch out for, especially if you're monitoring from home. Sometimes, people misinterpret what the numbers are trying to tell them and low blood pressure can give them a false sense of security about their overall health and wellness. All of this is why Naah Allotey believes it's so important to consistently monitor blood pressure, regardless of whether or not you're dealing with other medical conditions. 

The Healing Power of Vegetarian Diets

 Fitness,Health In the 1960's chefs started to experiment with cooking without meat. But the meals were often tasteless. But now-a-days after experiencing for more than a quarter of a century, cooks are combining fruits, vegetables grains, and legumes in exciting new ways. The tastes are so good that even large restaurants are now offering meatless meals. As a result, more than 30 million Americans, including one in three teens, have tried vegetarian meals, according to the American Dietetic Association. They like the health benefits and how good the food tastes. Vegetarian diets have changed, but one thing stayed the same: a plant based diet , which is low in saturated fat, high in fiber,vitamins, antioxidants, and a powerful array of protective chemicals. This is the ultimate prescription for a longer and healthier life, according to Virginia Messina, MPH, R.D. a dietitian in Port Townsend, Washington, and coauthor of The Vegetarian Way. Research results have showed that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes and obesity than people who eat meat. According to British researchers, vegetarians have a 20% lower risk of fatal heart disease and a 40% lower risk of cancer.

Other studies found more positive facts. Fifty years ago a large study of 27,530 Seventh-Day Adventists, whose religion advocates a vegetarian diet, provided the first scientific link between vegetarian diets and better health. Researchers were amazed to discover that among the vegetarian Adventists, death rate from cancer were 50 to 70% lower than among other Americans. Since then, study after study has confirmed the benefits of vegetarian eating. In China, where people eat little or no meat, diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer and diabetes, are far less common than in the United States. Naturally lean Something that makes vegetarian meals so healthy is that they don't have all the saturated fat and cholesterol that comes from meat. In fact, while most Americans get about 36% of their total calories from fat, vegetarians get less, usually between 30% and 34%. And most of the fat they get is the healthier polyunsaturated and monounsaturated type - and not the dangerous saturated fat that comes from animal foods. In one study, researchers put 500 people on a vegetarian diet. After twelve days, cholesterol levels had dropped an average of 11%. Besides the fact that vegetarian meals don't contain saturated fat that makes vegetarian meals so healthy, they also contain the "good" fats. According to studies, both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are found in olive oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds, and many other plant foods, can lower the level of cholesterol when they're used to replace saturated fat in the diet. And the omega-3 fatty acids found in some plant foods, such as walnuts and flaxeed, can further protect against heart disease by helping to keep artery walls flexible and supporting the electrical "system" within the heart that regulates a healthy heartbeat.

The Power of Plants Doctors in the US have been pleading with Americans for years to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, the same foods that vegetarians eat in abundance. Most plant foods are loaded with antioxidants, like beta-carotene and vitamin C and E. They are essential to protect you against diseases. Also, plant foods contain an abundance of phytonutrients, which are natural plant compounds that have been shown to lower the risk of cataracts, heart disease, and many other serious problems. In another study researchers found that people who got the most carotenoids, the plant pigment that are found in dark green and deep orange, yellow, and red fruits and vegetables, had half the risk of developing macular degeneration (the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in older adults) as people getting less. Vegetarian diets cut the risk of breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancer in a number of studies. The magic ingredients include a number of cancer-fighting phytochemicals. The naturally lower levels of saturated fat in most vegetarian diets (except those that rely heavily on cheese) avoid a problem which is connected with meat-rich diets: High-saturated fat diets seem to promote the production of a form of estrogen called estradiol, which is linked to breast cancer.

In a study it showed that women who ate the most animal fats had a one-third higher risk of breast cancer than those who ate the least. Another study found that vegetarians have higher levels of "natural killer cells" - special white blood cells that attack cancer cells - in their bloodstreams. But even if you took all the nutrients out of plant foods, the vegetarian diet would still have an edge, because of all the dietary fiber it contains. The average American gets only 12 to 15 grams of fiber per day, while vegetarians are getting as much as three times that amount. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of getting enough dietary fiber. because it isn't absorbed by the body, fiber passes through the digestive tract, adding bulk to stools and helping them to move more quickly. This does more than preventing constipation. The more quickly stools and any harmful substances they contain move through the colon, the less likely they are to do cellular damage that could lead to cancer. Also, one type of fiber called soluble fiber, forms a gel in the intestine that helps to prevent fat and cholesterol from passing through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. In a study of more than 43,000 men, for example, researchers found that those who added just 10 grams of fiber a day to their diets - about 25% of the amount vegetarians get each day - decreased their risk of heart disease by almost 30%. Vegetarian diets also guard against other health issues, like kidney stones, gallstones, and asthma. Because high-protein diets with much meat prompt your body to excrete more calcium, oxalate, and uric acid - which are the main building blocks of kidney stones. Diets with a lot of meat increase the change of getting gallstones in women and could threaten bone density by prompting the excretion of calcium. In a Swedish study of 24 women and men, vegetable-based meals cut the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Balance is the Key A vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients your body needs, including protein. This is even true for strict vegetarians, who may avoid eggs, milk and other animal foods all together.

The proteins in meat are complete, that means they contain all the amino acids your body needs. The proteins in legumes and grains, however, may be low in one or more of the amino acids, but because legumes and grains contain some amino acids, eating a variety of these foods throughout the day will provide the proper balance. However, vegetarians have the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, which the body needs to make red blood cells. It's only found in animal foods. People who don't get enough vitamin B12 feel weak and tired. You can get plenty of vitamin B12 by eating foods which are fortified with this nutrient, such as fortified cereals, or/and you can take vitamin B12 supplements. Why don't you try Vegan Cooking? It's one of the best things you can do for your health! click here!

Protect Against Airborne Infections by Applying a Sanitiser to Newly Cleaned Ductwork Systems

Indirect contact with surfaces contaminated with infectious droplets containing bacteria is the most common transmission route for infectious diseases, according to the World Health Organisation.

So, for example, every time someone with a cold or flu, for example, coughs or sneezes some of the bacteria are released into the air. While a ducted air system in a large building such as an office or hospital may be constantly refreshing the breathable air the bacteria may end up on the internal surfaces of the ductwork.

Research has found that the embedded bacteria can remain there for considerable periods of time and that the dust and debris that inevitably collects inside the ductwork of an extraction system provides the ideal nutrition for microbes and bacteria to survive on.

Building facilities managers are well aware of the various sets of regulations that require regular air duct cleaning of such systems to ensure a comfortable and breathable atmosphere for the building's users. They also know that a regular cleaning routine can help improve their performance to keep energy costs under control.

There are additional services offered by professional cleaning services that can help to protect the system and further reduce the risks from bacteria and the spread of infection.

The first of these is to ensure that there are adequate access point for cleaning to be as thorough as possible ensuring no corner is missed. It may be worth getting a company that observes the HVCA TR19 industry standards for duct cleaning to carry out a thorough inspection of the system and install additional access points if needed.

A second option is to ensure the cleaning company uses the appropriate cleaning devices such as air jets and brushes specifically designed for the purpose. As a means of extra insurance the cleaning can be reinforced by the application of a polymeric emulsion sanitiser (PDS) which can be atomised into the ventilation system.

The sanitising polymer forms an internal lining on the air duct to protect it from corrosion but it also reinforces the effects of the initial ductwork cleaning by preventing microbes from establishing themselves in the longer term.

Tests have shown that the application of a PDS, especially one that continues to release bacteriocides over time can kill up to 90% of the bacteria and microbe content of E. coli and a variety of other common sources of infection.

It is worth considering the use of sanitised coating for all large buildings where many people work because a reduction in microbes will result in fewer days lost through sickness, but it is particularly important in buildings where there are people who are especially vulnerable either through illness, such as hospitals, or age and reduced immunity, such as residential homes for the elderly.

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Home Remedies Effective in the Treatment of Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are a painful condition in which there is swelling of the veins in and around the region of the rectum. It could be either internal or external. Constipation and force applied while passing stool could cause a rupture in the veins and consequent loss of blood. External piles, in particular can be very painful.

Piles are a fairly common condition brought on due to dietary habits which are rich in fats and deficient in fibres. It is not a disease, but most people shy away from consulting a doctor possibly because they feel embarrassed. It is a condition if diagnosed correctly is fully curable. Though there are various medicines which promise quick relief, it is essential to address the underlying reasons for the symptoms to have occurred in the first instance.

Causes Chronic constipation and bowel disorders are seen to be the primary causes of piles. However, pregnancy and certain liver conditions can also cause piles. Prolonged sitting or standing, mental stress and hereditary factors can also contribute to this condition.

Constipation besides being a contributory factor enhances the pain factor by causing irritation in the veins and consequent burning sensation. So taking laxatives is helpful. But since laxatives sold over the counter on your doctor's prescription could induce lazy colon syndrome, it would be wiser and safer to take natural laxatives such as dates and other natural foods rich in fibre which would help in passage of the stool without harmful side effects.

Obesity has been identified as a contributory factor. Change in dietary habits and regular exercise are therefore very helpful. Exercise flexes the abdominal muscles. Circulation in the rectal region increases with exercise and so provides relief from constipation. Lifestyle changes should be made instead of depending only on medication.

Symptoms The initial symptoms begin with pain in the rectum while passing stool. Bleeding may also occur in some cases. Soreness and itching are accompanying symptoms of piles. Before concluding that the symptoms are an indication of piles it is necessary to undergo a detailed medical examination before commencing treatment.

Fruit Remedies There are several home remedies which have been found to be effective in the treatment of piles. One or two teaspoonfuls of crushed and powdered mango seeds have been found to reduce swelling. Ensure that the seeds are thoroughly dry and take the powder at least twice a day. Similarly three or four dry figs soaked in water overnight help in bowel movement. Figs can be had in the evening too. The treatment should be repeated for at least three to four weeks to be effective. The seeds of the figs stimulate bowel movement and help to keep the intestines from getting congested. Bleeding piles have been effectively treated by consuming Java Plum or Rose Apple each morning for a period of two months.

A Fruit Diet which can be taken for 7 days cleanses the intestines and helps to remedy chronic constipation which is the main cause of piles. Once this cleansing has been accomplished a soft diet can be renewed so that constipation is kept at bay.

Vegetable Remedies Radish and turnips have also been found to be useful. Grated White Radish (100g) taken with a teaspoon of honey, or juice of radish taken twice a day helps give relief. Radish made into a paste with milk can also be applied externally. Juice made from turnip leaves when mixed with juice of carrot, spinach and watercress also alleviates symptoms.

Fresh ginger juice (half teaspoon) mixed with honey and fresh lime juice or fresh mint juice has been found to be beneficial. So also 30 grams onions crushed in water and mixed with 60 grams sugar taken twice daily helps in bleeding piles. A skinned and crushed onion roasted in ashes should be applied for dry piles. The leaves of bitter gourd are an effect home remedy too. Three teaspoons of the juice should be taken with buttermilk in the morning for fast relief. A paste made from roots of the bitter gourd can be applied externally to the piles.

Enema with Wheat Grass juice for 15 minutes helps in detoxifying the walls of the piles. An enema with lukewarm water should be followed by enema with wheat grass juice for 15 minutes. Sesame seeds too are valuable in treating piles. A decoction can be made by boiling twenty grams of seeds in 500 ml of water till it is reduced by 1/3 rd or as sweets. They are particularly useful in treatment of bleeding piles when ground into a paste and given with butter.

A very popular home remedy revolves around the herb Chebulic Myroblan. It is effective as a laxative and its astringent properties help in healing the masses. The fruit is roasted in cluster oil, powdered and stored. Half a teaspoon taken at night is effective for bowel movement. A paste is useful as an external application. Bleeding piles should be washed with the water made from boiling 10 seeds of this fruit.

Worried by Ulceration Get Recovered With Generic Protonix

Ulceration in stomach and damage to the esophageal area occurs when our body encounters the hyper-acidity condition where the digestive acids start getting generated and secreted in higher degree that couldn't controlled within the specified vicinity and start to move in to the esophagus area through the back flow motion. In the initial stage this dysfunction in often indicated through the burning sensations surrounding our throat and chest area after the consumption of meals. But if this indication isn't considered seriously and not treated in the desired way then the severity may be enhanced to a higher degree in order to cause ulceration to the stomach and damage to the esophagus areas. So the proper treatment should be imputed in order to treat as well as to prevent such undesired developments. To prohibit the excessive formation of gastric juice and to help our stomach as well as esophageal damages to be recovered in the effective manner the implementation of Generic Protonix is used to be suggested by maximum number of physicians as this drug is crafted with the beneficial powers in order to overcome the health hurdles developed due to acidic movements. Therefore whenever you feel these health disorders immediately consult your doctor to be treated with this solution and to avail a quick recovery.

If you get yourself continued with the regular intake of spicy and oily foods then this may bring certain chemical changes in our body and the bad impacts can enhance the secretion of gastric juices. Therefore with a proper regulation over the intake foods a long lasting inhibitor in the form of medicament is required to be applied in order to bring the acidic generation in to the controlled level. To avail this output the medical teams researched and developed Generic Protonix. This solution comes under proton pump inhibitor class that has been researched to be the desired and efficient drug class to treat all the health disorders resulted due to the malfunction of stomach acids. This drug has been discovered to be an effective pattern in providing the victims with the desired and anticipated output through the treatment. By reducing acid production in stomach this not only helps to relieve the symptoms of heartburn but also treats stomach ulcer and esophagus damage efficiently by relieving these parts from the constant hit of acidic moment. This drug if consumed in routine basis for the prescribed time then can treat you in full extent to come out from the acidic effects.

Because of all these capabilities in carrying out the remedial activities in the significant way Generic Protonix is prescribed to treat major number of reflux victims. So keep yourself properly aware about this solution and carry out the implementation exactly as advised by the physician. Negligence in the drug intake or a little violation in the consumption way may cause the user to encounter certain complex health issues like nausea, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, sleeping disorder or joint pains. So try to avoid these health conditions by taking proper precautions.

How To Detect If You Have A Deviated Nasal Septum

Only a handful, lucky people have aquiline, straight noses. Even though your nose looks straight and good from the outside, you might still have a slightly deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is the wall that divides your nose into two airway chambers or nostrils. Ideally, it should be located smack in the middle, giving you identical nostrils. Measuring your nose won't help you determining if indeed your septum is off-centred. After all, the cartilage is covered with sufficient layer of skin. If your nose is not bothering you, then you should do well in leaving it the way it is.

A deviated nasal septum could present several health hazards. Again, you don't need to measure your nose or nostrils, there are telltale deviated septum symptoms that will indicate if indeed your nose is crooked. Below are some signs of a deviated nasal septum.

Nasal congestions. Sinusitis, excessive sneezing and rhinitis and other nasal infections are just some of things to consider in detecting if your septum is straight. The infections are caused by the trapped mucus and other substances inside the nasal cavity. These seemingly normal cold-like symptoms could mean trouble to your nose.

Nose Bleeds. Unexplained nose bleeds could really be scary. It could mean a severely deviated nasal septum with infection. If the central nose bone heavily favours one side, it's bound to stretch some muscles and squash the others.

Pain and Headaches . Chronic headaches originating from the nose is another deviated septum symptom. This prolonged condition will cause headaches as it diverts from the normal physiological structure and functions of the body.

Difficulty in Breathing. Deviated septum and sleep apnea has long been associated. A severely deviated septum will create bigger and smaller nasal airways. The deviation would also create blockages making breathing difficult. This is doubly hard when the person is sleeping. This would result to breath gaps and pauses, snoring and noisy breathing and gasps and choking during sleep.

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you are more likely to have a deviated nasal septum. You would need to see a doctor to help you straighten your nasal cartilage. Failure to address the problem might lead to more serious problems that could prove fatal.

Sinusitis and rhinitis might ruin your daily life as it will force you to stay away or limit the activities that you would otherwise enjoy. This could mean no carefree outdoor nature picnics and hikes. Chronic headaches could wreck havoc on your productivity at work and at school. This could easily lead to moodiness, irritability and depression.

There are several harmful effects from a deviated septum and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea brings the same effects to not sleeping at all. The most treacherous of all is the EDS or the difficulty of staying awake during the day. Excessive daytime sleepiness can cause a person to drop off to sleep anytime, anywhere. People with sleep apnea and who are driving are in a very dangerous position.

Again, check the symptoms, if you have them immediately seek a doctor to mend your deviated nasal septum, otherwise, let your nose be.

Holistic Homeopathic San Diego

Homeopathy is a scientific method of cure, which follows laws based on far reaching holistic philosophy. It is a form of medicine established over 200 years ago by Dr Hahnemann, a German physician, who began to teach that the doctor should see your symptoms not as that which should be cured but rather as visible attempts by your body to heal itself. Homeopathy is conceived as a system to help your body cure itself.

The therapeutic use of homeopathic remedies is based on scientific experimentation and the principle of like cures like. That is, a medicine capable of producing certain effects when taken by a healthy person is capable of curing any illness, which manifests similar effects in a sick person.

From this foundation, it is clear to see that in homeopathy there are no treatments for disease but only medicines for people with diseases. For example, two people presenting to a naturopathic physician with arthritis will not get the same medicine because each person is individual in their symptoms. There are thousands of different medicines in homeopathy just as there are thousands of different kinds of people. In homeopathy, no two people are alike even if they have the same disease.

Homeopathy is a type of medicine, which respects the wisdom of your body and affects a cure from the inside out. Homeopathic medicines stimulate your body's vitality to initiate the healing process. A homeopathic medicine does not "override" the body's inherent attempts to heal itself, which makes it very safe. However, this is not to mean it is to be taken lightly or without proper prescription.

Homeopathy can be used to treat both acute and chronic disease. Chronic disease requires a more complete picture of the person and may take longer to affect a cure but both are effective. Homeopathy is especially effective for children as it is gentle and without dangerous side effects.

Homoeopathy believes in a holistic, totalistic and individualistic approach to medicine. A naturopath does not give different medicines for different afflicted parts of body but rather gives one single remedy, which will cover the disturbance of the whole person. It is an individualized approach, which takes into account the totality of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Homeopathy can act quickly or slowly but once it begins to act we do not give further medicine or interfere in any way with the process going on in your body as it heals itself. Some people may only get one dose of the medicine, which will carry them for years. Others may need redosing more frequently. Either way, homeopathy is one of the most cost effective and potent medicines available today. Naturopathic doctors is San Diego use homeopathic remedies as one of their treatment modalities, however there are many other holistic modalities also utilized by naturopathic doctors. Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are the highest trained practitioners in the broadest scope of natural and holistic medical modalities. Utilizing both traditional and the most advanced clinical and laboratory diagnostics, treatments include therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, natural childbirth, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, pharmacology, and minor surgery.Natural hormone balancing, comprehensive clinical detoxification protocols, and correcting common digestive dysfunctions are often included as part of the treatment plan. Naturopathic doctors in San Diego are available in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Poway who use homeopathic remedies as part of their holistic health approach.

Investing in Treatment at a Drug Rehab Center

Once you have made a decision to enter in a drug rehab program, you should think about the way you are going to finance the expenses. Similarly, you ought to stay in a drug rehab center for a long period of time to complete the process of recovery. Then again, there are many borders on the cover you can get from the insurance company. This can be always bad news for the addict as well as the family members. The common price of treatment is greater than one thousand dollars for one session. Most insurers will simply pay 1/2 the expenses - around $100 to $200 weekly. So, it's critical you know with regards to the charges at a Drug Rehab center.

Rules of Insurance policy coverage of Charges at Drug Rehab Centers

Private medical insurance is a must for the treatment of substance abuse in more than forty four states in the usa. Some insurance agencies pays only for the cleanse or for medical treatments where close administering is necessary. If you suffer from from mental illness in conjunction with substance abuse, you may expect more coverage for inpatient stays and individual therapies in drug rehab centers. Moreover, the non-public rules in connection with coverage keeps developing making it less accessible for many junkies. Nevertheless, there are numerous places where one can receive assistance for paying for the expenses. You can make utilization of the federal programs including entitlements, block grants, and categorical grants.

A few addicts have got insurance, but they are not ready to use it. The actual social preconception helps prevent all of them through acquiring the help of their employers or government departments. When you have such issue, it is possible to get in touch with Confronts and Sounds associated with Healing, and they're going to communicate for you.

Go with a Drug Rehab Center That is Covered

The insurance providers normally want to see final results. They want to keep an eye on your development. If this is the way it is, you may select a program that uses data based treatment techniques. You can also opt for drug rehab centers that make a record of your healing and progression. Be sure your rehab center adheres to the criteria for the treatments for drug addiction.

???A brief intervention needs to be done initially with the aid of a doctor who is trained in the industry of substance abuse.

???There should be a written treatment program.

???The affected individual must bear psychosocial interventions as required.

???Individual and group therapies should also be part of the treatment approach.

Remedies at Drug Rehab Centers When There is No Insurance Coverage

If you do not have coverage, there are many organizations which supports you from the charges. First, investigate whether you be entitled to Medicaid. If not, contact your state agencies that provide rehab services for drug addiction. You may also make contact with charity organizations similar to Salvation Army and Catholic Charities which will help you to get treatment without paying a penny. You may receive uncompensated care funded by the federal at chosen drug rehab centers across the nation.

Help with Drugs When You Get out of Drug Rehab Center

Even if you full the therapy on the drugs and alcohol detox center, you may want to continue your medicines for some months. On one side, the medications are necessary, while on the other hand they're very costly. If you do not possess prescription insurance coverage, you may get financial help coming from prescription businesses. You will get your own drugs in a low cost from them.

Drug Rehab Center Insurance Policies and More Articles are available at Drug Abuse Hotline.


Ionic Cleanse The New Way to Cleanse the Body and Detoxify

Many people are trying to find the best cleansing and detoxification method in the market today - and with good reasons. With the kind of lifestyle we lead nowadays, it is no wonder that toxins and impurities build up inside our bodies causing more harm and damage than we can ever think of. Pollutants and toxic substances are found floating everywhere and there is just no way can we avoid them. Processed foods, stress, and pollution - all of these can add up in the long run and cause toxicity in our bodies. You can take drastic lifestyle changes if you want to but some people find that too complex and complicated. This is why the best thing for you to do is to ionic cleanse.

Difference of Old Detoxification Methods to Ion Cleansing

Before, there are only two ways on how you can start cleansing and detoxifying your body. It can either be through invasive procedures such as chelating and dialysis or through some bizarre diet that only allows you to eat certain fibrous fruits and vegetables for a certain amount of time. Both of these ways are not only hard to maintain but can be inconvenient as well. Invasive detoxification procedures can be costly as well and definitely painful. Bizarre diet is inconvenient because after some time, you start craving certain foods. But today, there is already the ionic cleanse option for people who are interested. It is neither painful nor inconvenient and definitely not costly. The good thing about this method is that you just have to own the apparatus if you want to do it at home on your own and just sit and relax. It will do the cleansing for you painless and definitely comfortable.

Cleansing and Detoxification at your Own Home

The great thing about this new method of cleansing and detoxification is that you can do it at home anytime you want. You just have to spend money one time and you can use the apparatus for as long as you can. You don't have to go to an expensive spa every once in a while just to get your dose of cleansing and detoxification because you can do everything at home. The foot bath lasts only for 35 minutes so you can go about your household chores and run other errands immediately after. It is a very quick cleansing method that gives you full relaxation for 35 minutes and gets you back to what you need to do after. It is best used with Himalayan salts and warm water to get the full detoxification results. You can use this three to four times a week or even everyday if you want to and you will start feeling purified and uplifted after each use. But you have to keep in mind that results vary from person to person due to different ailments and needs.

The ionic cleanse method is a great idea for people who want to start cleansing their body but barely have the time and money to spend in an expensive spa. All you need is the apparatus and you can start living a cleaner and happier life soon.

Summer Detox Diet Guide For Results

Summer is here and now is a great time to try a detox diet. A detox diet can give you many benefits such as weight loss and more energy. This type of eating is excellent to complement and support a colon cleanse or body detox program.

The focus of your detox diet will be fresh, organic, whole and unprocessed foods. Eating a healthy, wholesome diet provides more nutrition and leaves out the substances, such as excess sugar, that can make you feel bloated or tired. Try this detox diet for a week or two and find your summer energy.

Make fresh fruit the start of your healthy day. This will provide live enzymes to kick start metabolism. In addition, it is easily digested so you can feel lighter as you start your daily routine. Try to find fresh fruit that is in season and organic when possible.

For your morning protein, have a couple of soft boiled eggs. Add a side of sliced tomatoes to help absorb the protein. These can be eaten right after your fruit. Try a slice of Ezekial sprouted grain toast, too. Make it extra nutritious by adding a little healthy spread such as almond butter.

Switch up your breakfast by alternating days with having a yogurt blend. Make this by blending organic yogurt, chopped fruit and granola. Yogurt is especially healthy as it contains good flora to balance your digestion. This will help your body cleanse while helping your body fight bad bacteria, too.

Center your lunch around a vegetable salad. Use lettuce such as Romain or butter lettuce; or try something different like arugula for a spicier flavor. Make your salad colorful and healthy by adding other fresh veggies such as radishes, carrots, beets, and sprouts. Eat this with a broiled chicken or turkey breast, or a piece of broiled or baked fish. Complete your meal with whole grain roll and top your salad with a flavorful dressing made with balsamic vinagrette dressing and olive oil.

Have another serving of healthy protein for dinner like broiled steak. If you prefer vegetarian, beans are a healthy option. Be sure to eat one to two cups of steamed or sauted vegetables. And starting with a small green salad will also aid digestion.

Be careful on sauces or spices that you use to cook. Many contain hidden sugars or other ingredients that can interfere with your cleanse. Try making your own with fresh spices and other healthy ingredients.

Be sure to drink plenty of water during your 7 day detox. Drinking spring water without added minerals is best. Try fresh made vegetable and fruit juice if you need more nutrition. You can also include herbal teas that help your body cleanse such as green tea. Drink these healthy fluids throughout the day to ensure toxins keep moving out as you continue into your body or colon cleanse.

Keep in mind this is only a sample detox diet program. If you decide to do a colon cleanse or whole body cleanse, you should find a more complete program. But this detox diet can be a convenient way to shed some weight, feel more energetic and kickstart your metabolism to beat the summer heat.