Home Remedies Effective in the Treatment of Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are a painful condition in which there is swelling of the veins in and around the region of the rectum. It could be either internal or external. Constipation and force applied while passing stool could cause a rupture in the veins and consequent loss of blood. External piles, in particular can be very painful.

Piles are a fairly common condition brought on due to dietary habits which are rich in fats and deficient in fibres. It is not a disease, but most people shy away from consulting a doctor possibly because they feel embarrassed. It is a condition if diagnosed correctly is fully curable. Though there are various medicines which promise quick relief, it is essential to address the underlying reasons for the symptoms to have occurred in the first instance.

Causes Chronic constipation and bowel disorders are seen to be the primary causes of piles. However, pregnancy and certain liver conditions can also cause piles. Prolonged sitting or standing, mental stress and hereditary factors can also contribute to this condition.

Constipation besides being a contributory factor enhances the pain factor by causing irritation in the veins and consequent burning sensation. So taking laxatives is helpful. But since laxatives sold over the counter on your doctor's prescription could induce lazy colon syndrome, it would be wiser and safer to take natural laxatives such as dates and other natural foods rich in fibre which would help in passage of the stool without harmful side effects.

Obesity has been identified as a contributory factor. Change in dietary habits and regular exercise are therefore very helpful. Exercise flexes the abdominal muscles. Circulation in the rectal region increases with exercise and so provides relief from constipation. Lifestyle changes should be made instead of depending only on medication.

Symptoms The initial symptoms begin with pain in the rectum while passing stool. Bleeding may also occur in some cases. Soreness and itching are accompanying symptoms of piles. Before concluding that the symptoms are an indication of piles it is necessary to undergo a detailed medical examination before commencing treatment.

Fruit Remedies There are several home remedies which have been found to be effective in the treatment of piles. One or two teaspoonfuls of crushed and powdered mango seeds have been found to reduce swelling. Ensure that the seeds are thoroughly dry and take the powder at least twice a day. Similarly three or four dry figs soaked in water overnight help in bowel movement. Figs can be had in the evening too. The treatment should be repeated for at least three to four weeks to be effective. The seeds of the figs stimulate bowel movement and help to keep the intestines from getting congested. Bleeding piles have been effectively treated by consuming Java Plum or Rose Apple each morning for a period of two months.

A Fruit Diet which can be taken for 7 days cleanses the intestines and helps to remedy chronic constipation which is the main cause of piles. Once this cleansing has been accomplished a soft diet can be renewed so that constipation is kept at bay.

Vegetable Remedies Radish and turnips have also been found to be useful. Grated White Radish (100g) taken with a teaspoon of honey, or juice of radish taken twice a day helps give relief. Radish made into a paste with milk can also be applied externally. Juice made from turnip leaves when mixed with juice of carrot, spinach and watercress also alleviates symptoms.

Fresh ginger juice (half teaspoon) mixed with honey and fresh lime juice or fresh mint juice has been found to be beneficial. So also 30 grams onions crushed in water and mixed with 60 grams sugar taken twice daily helps in bleeding piles. A skinned and crushed onion roasted in ashes should be applied for dry piles. The leaves of bitter gourd are an effect home remedy too. Three teaspoons of the juice should be taken with buttermilk in the morning for fast relief. A paste made from roots of the bitter gourd can be applied externally to the piles.

Enema with Wheat Grass juice for 15 minutes helps in detoxifying the walls of the piles. An enema with lukewarm water should be followed by enema with wheat grass juice for 15 minutes. Sesame seeds too are valuable in treating piles. A decoction can be made by boiling twenty grams of seeds in 500 ml of water till it is reduced by 1/3 rd or as sweets. They are particularly useful in treatment of bleeding piles when ground into a paste and given with butter.

A very popular home remedy revolves around the herb Chebulic Myroblan. It is effective as a laxative and its astringent properties help in healing the masses. The fruit is roasted in cluster oil, powdered and stored. Half a teaspoon taken at night is effective for bowel movement. A paste is useful as an external application. Bleeding piles should be washed with the water made from boiling 10 seeds of this fruit.

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