There Are Eight Methods to Control The Flu

The cold is a common illness. We should seriously treat it. As the saying goes, "The cold is the source of various sicknesses." While cold is not a serious illness. But a lot of serious illness is caused by minor ailments. And the cold is the same, if it is not treated, it may produce a range of other issues. But how can we prevent the cold?

First, you can take a hot foot bath. Every night with hot water to wash your feet for 15 minutes, and pay attention to the water amount should be more than the feet, and the shoes should be red after washing can prevent colds. Second, you can try to eat raw green onions. When you eat raw green onions, you can heat the oil and pour it on the chopped onion, and make salad with other dishes. It is not only delicious, but also can prevent colds.

Third, you can gargle with the salt water. Daily morning and evening, after a meal, you can gargle with salt water to clear the oral bacteria. In pandemic influenza, you should note that the salt water gargle, at this time, looking upward and gargling with salt water to fully rinse the throat is better. Fourth, using the cold water to wash face can also prevent cold. You can use some cold water to wash your nose, and repeated, which can also prevent cold.

Fifth, you can massage your nasal groove every day. You can massage the nasal groove several times every day, which can prevent colds and alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion after a cold. Sixth, you can also cook coke with ginger to drink. First, you should prepare for 20 to 30 grams of ginger and chop them into a large bottle of coca-cola, and boil them with aluminum pot, and drink them after it is slightly cool, which as the good effect of prevention and treatment of influenza.

Seventh, you can breathe the steam. At the beginning of a cold, you try to pour a cup of hot water in the cup, and then take a deep breath, facing the heat, until the cup of water become cool, and you should insist on it several times a day, which can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion. Eighth, you can use the hot wind to blow your face. At the beginning of the cold, you can try to use the hair dryer blow against your temple point for 3 to 5 minutes, and adhere to several times a day; it can reduce the symptoms and speed up the recovery.

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